At the Heart of every Service Provider is the Asset

Oper84U Asset Lifecycle Management is the first PSA (Professional Services Automation) to focus centrically on the Asset instead of the usual service desk orientated management systems which focus on purely reactive processes.

Customer Relations

Oper84U Customer Relations Management ultimately ensures that your performance surpasses your client’s expectations, whilst leading you to a healthy profit.

Asset Management

Historical service or maintenance information at the touch of button, providing you the ultimate speed, efficiency and power.

Service Desk

Oper84U Service Desk Management delivers the ultimate in automated least-cost routing workflow, including people skills, experience, availability and cost.

Case Management

From the duty manager through to service desk operators, a complete clarity is achieved and intelligent routing workflows ensure the correct personnel are dispatched to every service call on time, every time.

  • Intelligent service staff routing
  • Asset focused service / case management
  • Operational SLA adherence
  • Personnel tracking and ETAs
  • Client / Partner interactive portal
  • Case Management
  • Health & Safety

    Integrated Health & Safety Management simplifies and increases confidence throughout service providers through the delivery of our risk, accident, safety equipment and reporting services

    • Powerful event-triggered workflow
    • Risk and ramifications management
    • Emergency situation procedures
    • Accident investigations and Government reporting
    • Safety equipment maintenance lifecycle
  • Health & Safety
  • Customer Relations

    Oper84U’s Customer Relationship Management module builds upon the data derived from all modules to provide your company with the tools to create a successful proactive professional service company.

    • Customer portfolio management
    • Contract building and SLA management
    • Customisable customer templates
    • Profit and contribution analysis
    • Opportunity management and upselling from cases
  • Customer Relations
  • Asset Management

    Utilising the powerful asset object class features of Oper84U and a powerful hierarchical template system, your company can build assets classes from templates or custom with full scope to create child and parent assets allowing you to map every part, from a screw to an engine.

    • Fully documented asset lifecycle
    • Customisable workflow triggers
    • Template based asset libraries
    • Unlimited parent and child assets
    • Unique asset labelling and tracking
  • Asset Management
    • Our History

      Growing Service Businesses

      Oper84U is brought to you from a really passionate bunch of people, just like you. We were veterans of the Professional Services Industry, holding many years in various servicing fields.  We have felt the pain of growing a service business, including the regulations, requirements and hard-hitting competition from price wars and cost reductions.

      Our team tried and tested every product available for our various industries, but never found one which would fit with our services.  Oper84U was born to be different, primarily for our own businesses, but we decided it was too good to keep to ourselves.  Oper84U is now making a huge impact on our daily lives and it’s time for your company to also join into the real integration of asset management, case management, safety and your people.

      We hail from the elevator industry, facilities management, IT support and fleet management, to name but a few.

      Oper84U is a software product of the Oper8 Software Limited. Oper8 Software also works closely with selected partners to integrate their modules into the Oper84U software suite.

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