Case Management

From the duty manager through to service desk operators, a complete clarity is achieved and intelligent routing workflows ensure the correct personnel are dispatched to every service call on time, every time.

  • Intelligent service staff routing
  • Asset focused service / case management
  • Operational SLA adherence
  • Personnel tracking and ETAs
  • Client / Partner interactive portal
  • Case Management
  • Health & Safety

    Integrated Health & Safety Management simplifies and increases confidence throughout service providers through the delivery of our risk, accident, safety equipment and reporting services

    • Powerful event-triggered workflow
    • Risk and ramifications management
    • Emergency situation procedures
    • Accident investigations and Government reporting
    • Safety equipment maintenance lifecycle
  • Health & Safety
  • Customer Relations

    Oper84U’s Customer Relationship Management module builds upon the data derived from all modules to provide your company with the tools to create a successful proactive professional service company.

    • Customer portfolio management
    • Contract building and SLA management
    • Customisable customer templates
    • Profit and contribution analysis
    • Opportunity management and upselling from cases
  • Customer Relations
  • Asset Management

    Utilising the powerful asset object class features of Oper84U and a powerful hierarchical template system, your company can build assets classes from templates or custom with full scope to create child and parent assets allowing you to map every part, from a screw to an engine.

    • Fully documented asset lifecycle
    • Customisable workflow triggers
    • Template based asset libraries
    • Unlimited parent and child assets
    • Unique asset labelling and tracking
  • Asset Management