Partnering with Oper8 Software.

Together we can make a difference

Why Oper8 Software?

Because we help our partners to empower their customers meet today’s complex business and service challenges, driving business growth.

Better Together

Developing a relationship as a partner of Oper8 not only provides you with the tools, resources and guidance on how to reach new customers, but also connects your company with other partners and our professionals to build pivotal relationships.  With a vast array of help and assistance, your company can develop long lasting, profitable pipelines, whilst relying on our technical sales to assist during your opportunity phases.

Learn and Grow

From the point of being accepted into the partner programme, you are assigned your direct partner relationship manager, who will work with you to learn about our products and prepare your team for delivery of your sales across your pipeline.  As your team learns more, you can traverse through the programme to gold level, where your company and team are united as a solid part of the overall Oper8 strategy.  Rewards including higher revenue opportunities and leads delivered directly from Oper8 to your sales team boost sales and drive your growth.

Build Pivotal Relationships

Along with a team of technical sales, field and support people of Oper8 deployed globally, we are always introducing new resources to help our partners adapt and evolve.  Our standard Salesforce portal provides your team with the tools required and a CRM solution, enabling immediate use of our core technologies, out of the box.  The portal allows track and tracing of opportunities, performance of your clients licensing and growth, plus a comprehensive dashboard to show your financial performance, team performance and territories available to you.  You can also communicate directly with your relations manager and even technical sales through our chatter and case management service.  Building relationships with other partners is easy through the communities interface, where you can learn from the higher level partners and support each other when required.

Develop Ideas and Bolt Ins

Oper8 Software are not looking to provide every solution possible, but instead focus on that which are good at.  As such, we welcome ISV partners, current Salesforce partners and those with great ideas to join our ISV programme.  We are happy to help promote your offering and work with you to enable your solution, injecting into the growing Oper8 partner solutions.

Partnering with Oper8 Software Pays Off

The Oper8 Partner Network is a developing network of successful technologist, sales experts and technical teams.  If you are looking to grow your revenue base and feel Oper8 is the partner for you, please register now.

Interested in becoming an Oper8 Partner? Register now and begin your journey to success!